Meet Me!

I always find it a hard task to have to think of how to describe myself. It's just awkward! But I'll give it a go...

First and foremost, I am daughter of the King...a Christian. If I didn't mention anything else in this, that one thing could wrap who I am up in a nutshell. It encompasses everything that I do, anything that I am involved in, every choice I make...it's not what I try to be...I am His and He is ever making me who I am. I'm not trying to lift myself up, put myself on a pedestal or display. It just truly is the most important thing about me. If I didn't say it and you met me or knew me, I hope you would notice just by how I live and love...I try at least :) And if I leave this part out, then there's not much substance left to me.

I love being a wife and mom! I love music, crafting and anything I can get my hands into. I love anything beauty related! It's fun, and part of my profession as a cosmetologist- even though I'm a stay at home mom for the time being. It feels so good to make other people feel good!

My desire for this blog is that I can share a little part of me as an imperfect, real person; serious and fun, weaknesses and strengths, as an open witness, learning more and more along the way...completely unguarded and...and so I come barefoot. 

Yes, I'm wearing boots in the picture...It was a cold day outside :)

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